'You are very WELCOME to the SECOND of my TWO


BIOGRAPHICAL WEBSITES concerning the highs and lows in the life of MORGAN MINERSON, a fictional/factional invention whose nearness to the truth is uncannily intimate.' CP



'This second episodic telling book INTENSIVE CARELESSNESS deals in perceived details about harrowing events with adult content concerning the health life and sickness history of MORGAN MINERSON and is deliberately brief in respect of general life issues because these are dealt with elsewhere in an alarmingly real fashion in the first volume THE OUTING OF MY SHAMELESS VOICE by Curtis Price  also available as a Webnode website.

Here you will find the alarming story of health providers making Morgan Minerson follow the road to even greater illness. This whistle-blowing book will lead you to the grave misdiagnosis of a fatal lung disease, to the unthinkable brink of four mental breakdowns where therapists became the servers of greater pain and misunderstanding because of their ingrained bigotry, dogma and a failure to listen to their patient.

You will share the many weird brushes with idiosyncratic people full of quirks and individuality so easy to be labelled abnormal.  You will share close run-ins with the seriously deluded and the seriously mentally ill. You will gain intimate knowledge of how the medical profession have such a great fear of patient power and what they do by way of strategies to deal with it. You will share the love-affair with PAULO DELIO, the greatest and most trustworthy carer in Morgan's life, that has already lasted thirty years. Incidentally, you will find your way, by obscure means, beneath the skin of the published Poet Chris Madoch whose properly published book 'RUMOURS FROM THE BALCONY' has been described as both beautiful and dangerous.

Shocked by the unfolding truth, come laugh and cry at MORGAN MINERSON'S shocking experiences with me.' Curtis Price.


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